Partner Information

Being an independent LEGO price comparison site, it is always recommended to get listed on Brickwatch when you want to reach a broad audience. Everyday thousands of people rely on Brickwatch to find the best places to buy Lego sets.

We therefore recommend Lego webshops to become a "Premium Partner", this sometimes can triple the traffic to your shop!

Requirements for becoming a partner

Brickwatch (currently) only indexes European sites, that deliver in (at least) one of the following countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom.We only link to new sets, no used products! Only standard products that are or have been made available to the public though the generic Lego shop@home site(s) are indexed.

We also only connect parties that have existed for at least 1 year and have managed to gain a permanent foothold in the Lego webshop landscape. A wide and complete range of Lego sets must also be offered. We reserve the right to interpret and apply these criteria at our sole discretion.

Brickwatch will check prices of all Lego sets on your site several times per day. To be able to do so, we require a feed with pricing information.

In detail, the feed has the following requirements:

  • The feed needs to be in either a CSV, XML or JSON format
  • Information should be actual, the data should be refreshed at least once a day.
  • It should have at least the following fields for each set:
    • Lego set id
    • Title
    • Price
    • Deeplink URL to the specific product page
    • Availability information (minimal requirement: in stock or not)
    • EAN code (optional)

We also require information about your shipping costs to The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom (if supported of course).
We support rule based shipping cost (eg: €6.95 upto €50, free above).

Advantages of a Premium Partner

Premium Partners get featured on the Brickwatch site via various means:
  • Your logo gets shown in the pricing overview.
  • More links to your product page.
  • A Premium site page, with ratings etc.
  • and more.

You will also get access to statistics, with information about clicks to your site, but also which sets are currently the most popular on Brickwatch, as well as other inside information.

See our premium partner information page with all the information about all features and costs of becoming a Premium Partner.

Ready to become a partner?

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